Salomé Aubert, Ph.D.

Assistance Professor at College of Health and Welfare

The University of Ottawa, CANADA.

Sex: Female

Nationality: French


Address: 27 rue de la Clairière, J8R 3R7 Gatineau, Canada



Salome Aubert is PhD in Population Health at the University of Ottawa, and Master of Sciences “Movement, Sport and Health” at the Université de Rennes 2. Volunteer at the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Center (HALO), at the Children’s Hospital of Easter Ontario (CHEO) and Coordination/lead of reviews on the global surveillance of physical activity and sedentary behaviour of children and youth, Research support for the development of the Global Matrix 4.0 on physical activity for children and Youth, Research support for the 2020 France’s Report Card on physical activity for children and youth, Contribution to research projects related to the healthy active behaviours of children and youth

The course she responsible for at The PETE for Elementary School program is: Measurement and Evaluation in PE.

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