Call For Paper Journal Tegar, Volume 1 No. 1 2017

TEGAR means adversity. This word is deliberately chosen to depict the benefit of quality physical education, both in physical, mental, and emotional wise. TEGAR, then, is a Journal of Teaching Physical Education in Elementary School, which is intended to explore the nature of teaching PE (both in terms of content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge) in the Indonesian realm. It is published two times a year in May and October.

As the first journal ever published with specializing at the elementary school setting, TEGAR is expected to become the International Journal to accommodate all research and study result only conducted in the level of elementary school and its problematic, to spread the awareness that it is more important to put a stronger attention on the need to better understand of the children and youngster characteristics while they are still at the young ages. Then, TEGAR accept mainly research-based articles related to teaching PE at elementary school in multi facet areas.

Deadline Accepetance Journal  : 1 october 2017
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Chief Editor,

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